Emergency Voice Communication Systems

Emergency Voice Communication Systems cover fire telephone and disabled refuge systems.

Emergency Voice Communication System

Emergency Voice Communication Systems cover fire telephone and disabled refuge systems, as well as integrating emergency assist alarm systems in a single solution.

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Disabled Refuge

A disabled refuge is a relatively safe temporary waiting area located within a building to aid the evacuation of all people as safe as possible. Assistance can be called from here by using the Emergency Voice Communication System. The disabled refuge area allows emergency services to assist all people out of a building in an emergency.

Fire Telephone

The Fire Telephone is used by the fire and rescue service during an evacuation, the officer at the fire control centre can communicate with the officers on-site to control the evacuation and use the fire and rescue services after an evacuation to assist fire-fighting.

Disabled Toilet Alarm

The Disabled Toilet Alarm system allows users of disabled facilities to call for help should they need it.

Under the Equality Act, building owners have a duty of care to ensure the safety of all building occupants, especially those less able.

Voice Alarm

Voice Alarm is the quickest way to evacuate a building as simple messages tell people to leave the building in an orderly manner.


Emergency Voice Communication System

Emergency voice communication systems (EVCS) provide two-way communication during a building’s evacuation during a fire or other emergency.

Compliance is at the core of the design process; every product fulfils the requirements of all applicable standards. Coupled with high-quality finishes, ease of installation and commissioning, Emergency Voice Communication Systems provide the optimum solution for any size business.

The use of networking every control ensures scalability whilst removing redundancy on sites allowing them to evolve from single stand-alone systems to complex site-wide campus scenarios.

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