Remote Monitoring

We provide fully comprehensive and nationwide remote monitoring services

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring service allows you to have peace of mind knowing your property always has a qualified watching guard. Our certified control room operators can contact you directly if anything suspicious or out of the ordinary is happening at your premises. Furthermore, when theft likelihood is high and your property is confirmed at risk, FLR Fire & Security have a direct number to your local authorities. Giving the criminal very little time to flee the scene and providing police authorities with a larger window of prosecution.

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FLR Fire & Security’s Remote Monitoring

All FLR Fire & Security’s Remote Monitoring control room operators are thoroughly screened to BS 7858 as well as SIA Licensed; this is a legal requirement of the private security industry act 2001. Our control room is SSAIB BS5979 Category 2 approved with monitoring services.

Our complete Remote Monitoring service provides 24-hour a day, 365-day a year cover.

  • Server Management and Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring and Management
  • Website Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring

Did you know?

  • We monitor over 2500 properties in the UK alone

  • Our systems work hand in hand with our thousands of deployed Intruder/Fire Alarms

  • We create a higher chance of criminal prosecution

  • A high amount of criminals get scared off with our audible alarm warning

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“FLR Fire & Security monitor my companies premises, it gives me peace of mind knowing there is a qualified agent watching over our property.”

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