Space Planning

We specialise in bespoke spatial planning that will maximise potential and efficiency.

Space Planning

We specialise in bespoke spatial planning that maximises potential and efficiency while discreetly bringing together both form and function in perfect harmony.
Multi-functionality and creativity go hand in hand in effective space planning. We understand that each space has its unique characteristics to which we must adapt, just as every business has its own culture and dynamic to which we must embrace.

Good Space Planning doesn’t mean overloading your office with everything you can fit into it. It means genuinely utilising the space you currently use and adapting your already used space to form the best possible outcome.

Space Planning

Maximising Workspace

Owning and maintaining your premises is expensive. Therefore your business environment must be geared towards maximising workspace. Inefficiencies in design will be mirrored both financially and in productivity. Poor planning can even contribute to low staff morale, poor health and absenteeism.

As we get to know you and your property, we’ll identify working relationships between groups and individuals that need to be factored into the design. Firstly we will determine the open plan and enclosed areas and allow for their requirements and functionality. Secondly, we will make sure your storage needs are met in the design, as well as any special or technical facilities.

Office Space Planning

Our service and design team will do a full onsite assessment to ensure that they fully understand your needs.

We develop designs and solutions based on your office layout and how your business operates, considering your suggestions to guarantee that your office looks better and makes the working atmosphere more productive and effective.

We can create precise CAD blueprints of your current workplace layout and use them to provide a comprehensive office space planning service.

We specialise in making the most of what you have, and we can work with and re-use your current furniture (reducing your office’s carbon footprint) and sourcing new furniture for you as needed.

A sustainable workplace design saves energy, saves money, saves the planet, and makes people happier, healthier, and more productive.

Office Plans
Space Planning

Benefits of Space Planning

  • Improved communication and collaboration

  • Greater flexibility with space

  • Improved company culture

  • Capacity to increase staff

  • Increased creativity

  • Saving renting costs

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