Direct Produce Supplies | Redesigning an existing HAVC system

Direct Produce Supplies | Redesigning an existing HAVC system


Direct Produce Supplies source from over 40 countries from as far afield as New Zealand to around the corner in Kent. Partnering with the best growers across both hemispheres means that they are able to meet the demand for consistent, high-quality fruit throughout the year. They are continually striving to minimise the distance from farm to fruit bowl so that your apricots, nectarines, peaches, plums or cherries arrive looking as fresh as when they were picked.


Following the expansion of the business at Sittingbourne, our client had to increase the onsite personnel to support the business. The increase in personnel and equipment meant that the duty on the existing heating
and cooling plant had to be measured assessed and redesigned. We established that the offices on the ground floor had to have alterations and increases in capacity. 


Five new systems were installed to the Laboratory, the new open-plan office, the hallway and the server room.
The whole project was completed in two weeks. The client was delighted with the design and installation.


“FLR Cooling did an amazing job with the cooling and heating at Sittingbourne. We have been delighted with the results and are very pleased with the on-going service and maintenance we receive.”

Dave Price, Group Finance Director
Direct Produce Supplies Ltd

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