Gaucho | CCTV maintenance, Intruder alarm maintenance and Remote monitoring system

Gaucho | CCTV maintenance, Intruder alarm maintenance and Remote monitoring system


Gaucho is an award-winning Argentine collection of restaurants. They provide everything from the perfect experience to the premium casual market with high-quality grass-fed beef raised on the Pampas. The menu is focused on well-sourced quality produce, freshly made every day and delivered with great style & hospitality.


FLR Telecoms already provided Gaucho Restaurants with telecoms and data cabling since 2011. Tim Hoyles was introduced to Gaucho as FLR Fire and Security’s sales director in 2014 and initially, they asked us to provide a proposal for a small intruder alarm project in their new Wimbledon branch.


The relationship with Gaucho blossomed and FLR Fire and Security now provide all the maintenance and monitoring for the entire Gaucho group restaurant portfolio nationwide. Installing new equipment into their
premises and updating and upgrading the existing systems.

Working with Gaucho, FLR Fire and Security embraced their Pronett job request and quotation system. FLR Fire and security worked with the Gaucho head office team and localised managers to provide the maintenance and monitoring services for all their integrated security system needs.


FLR Fire and Security have engaged with the gaucho team and have now successfully upgraded the security
systems in the restaurants and head office, remotely monitoring all their alarms within our approved Alarm Receiving Centre.


“FLR Fire and Security are innovative and bring flexible ideas to enhance security without exceeding budgets. As a trusted and proactive supplier, FLR Fire and Security provides us with complete peace of mind allowing us time to focus on other projects.”

Colin Williams, Property and Estate Manager
Gaucho Group

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